Feeling Frockin’ Awesome

Frocktober helps me Act, Belong, Commit

From the 8th to the 15th of October is Mental Health week in WA and the theme is Act, Belong, Commit. Mental health is always worth talking about, and the relationship between that and fashion/dressing up for me ( particulaly in Frocktober ) is an interesting one.

Anxiety (in varying degrees) is a by-product of loving fashion and being a prolific social media user.  It can manifest in the form of the fear of missing out (FOMO), frivolity and even feelings of inadequacy.

To combat or allay anxiety you need to ACT; ritualistically putting on a dress every day and taking a photo, saving your hashtags in a memo on your phone to you don’t forget, snapping a backlog of photos, asking friends and colleagues to take photos.

I was stressing about Frocktober – then this photo happened;


The action of standing in the wind and embracing the wild weather relaxed me!

As I touched on in my last entry “Nearly Ovar(y) it?”  – the act of inclusion, Em asking me to team up together was such a small and effective one. It re-engaged me when I didn’t feel motivated. Don’t under estimate the power of reaching out in any way; the feeling of BELONGing can spurn wonderful things!

The act of inclusion motivated us to reach out to other Perth creatives, and set up some pretty stellar events;

  1. The Frocktober Fashionable Afternoon Tea – October 22nd, Jonté Designs, 12pm – 3pm, $15 (ticketed)
  2.  Shop and Sip for Frocktober – October 13th and 27th, Mercado32, 5.30pm-7.30pm, free!

Speaking of events, collaborations and fundraising – COMMITment(!)
As a Face of Frocktober, being accountable to other people, time management, not to mention having to field the questions of friends, colleagues and family about what your fundraising. Down to organising brownies for an office bake sale!

Frocktober is giving me a new relationship with fashion. I am now okay with people seeing me as distinct, based purely on the way I dress. My talent for playing dress-ups, via Frocktober can draw attention to women’s health, specifically Ovarian Cancer.

Ovaries are important, the cells they produce make up about 50% of a human being. Procreation and longevity are the end game, but I am passionate about ensuring the organs (which I have) can be looked after in a practical and affordable way. Ovaries are pretty important!

I have a distinct feeling my Frocktober experiences are laying some pretty exciting groundwork for my next ‘chapter’ –  should be a laugh!



Photo by @natventuring Photography
Frock from @Mercado32 Clothing Exchange

To make a tax-refundable donation: https://frocktober2016.everydayhero.com/au/two-fine-femmes

For all event announcements and some fabulous frocks, follow my Instagram; @thetangibleblog

To become a 2016 Frockette/Frocker Fundraiser, sign up here

To donate or find out more about Frocktober, or see Megan Hess’ beautiful campaign art – go here!

If you have unwanted, unworn, unloved frocks, I will collecting them throughout the month of October, to donate on!


3 ways to waste your youth and build your value

Youth  is  wasted on the young, but no experience is ever irrelevant to the clever millennial. Take that George Bernard Shaw

I see so many 20-somethings (like myself) languishing with a lack of career direction- feeling they “should be” on a more certain path doing one thing or another.

Knowing three words can help you map your next move, regardless of your age or stage in your career:

  1. Skills
  2. Interests
  3. Qualifications (or Achievements)

Your Skills are what you are known to do well, backed by experience.
Your Interests  are what you choose to enjoy, they can be more niche like hobbies.
Your Qualifications (or Achievements) are a representation of what you want to do.

Like a Venn Diagram, any combination of these three things can overlap to help add value, and give you direction.

For me personally, I am in a seemingly unique, but not uncommon, position; I have no formal qualifications relevant to my current role. My interests in the social media and Government  come together with my pre-existing skill set from numerous internships and retail jobs. Because I am mentally stimulated by my interests, I am engaged to learn new skills.
Is this the secret to LOVING your job like I do? Who knows!

Not all formal qualifications have the same practical (read: practicum) element – E.g. Nursing vs Engineering vs Public Relations. There is no ‘lesser’ profession in any industry, based on how much “relevant experience” you have.

In my opinion, “relevant experience” is just a pair of words strung together which induces fear into the heart of Graduates – all experience is relevant, don’t believe the oxymoron!

Any qualification combined with a pre-existing skill set are the bricks and mortar of of the road anyone can journey on to discover specific or new interests.

Conversely, your skills and interests can compel some people to study again, to acquire new qualifications.

All of these combinations add value, nothing is irrelevant to the bigger picture. The end result is an excellent situational knowledge. Realising that every ‘irrelevant’ experience – study, previous work and your interests – you have had has been quietly adding to your value is a game changer.


Waste your youth – it’s all (chaotic) good!

Also published on LinkedIn Pulse.

The Double Diss: Canberra goes ‘Mean Girls’

Image Credit: None that I readily admit to. Not my image,yet  my best and worst hack photoshop job, ever.

I can always use an excuse for a Mean Girls (2004) reference and tonight seemed as good of a time as any.

There’s chit chat around the Hill (Canberra) that Malcolm might call an early (pre-September) Election because the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) Bill was defeated for a second time. If a Bill is blocked by the other House three times, then it cannot be re-introduced, so this places the Prime Minister in a tricky spot – try again? or advise the Governor General (GG) to dissolve Parliament and call an early election?

Now for the Mean Girls references:

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How Attitude can make a rotten Apple

Featured Image Source: Cartoon Movement

“It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy.”

-Steve Jobs

I had the pleasure of an advanced screening of Steve Jobs (2015) recently, and it got me thinking.

Do the attitudes and decisions of CEOs and people associated with a brand matter if a brand has commercial success?
Has affluenza afflicted us with a selective moral blindness?

Yes – a kind of tunnel vision.

Look down at your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Apple product:

Name the (late) CEO – what was the name of the daughter that he denied paternity of (despite a positive test) ?

Without touching the Apple product, where is it designed? Where are the parts assembled?

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Frocktober 2015 & Mental Health week: What Frocktober has taught me

After nearly a week (October 6th) I’d had a grand total of $00.00 donated to my Frocktober fund.


It bothers me less than it did last year. I thought I had failed last year, when I didn’t reach the same target as the previous year (~$2, 600).

It bothers me less because Frocktober has taught me valuable lessons about standards, fundraising, social media and innovation.

Allow me to explain…

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My Two Cents: Can Tony Abbott improve his image mid-term?

The (Abbott) government’s narrative is that they haven’t been able to do anything… There’s a negative story attached to the government. They must somehow shift the momentum. The mould will be set if they don’t do something soon and they will have a really, really hard time — and most likely will lose the next election.”

Source: ‘Tony Abbott’s knightmare could be fatal if his government fails to change tack

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Talk Skirty to Me: 7 tips for ‘dot com’ thrifting

“Buy what you don’t have yet, or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

I swore off ALL online shopping this year; so as I languish with withdrawals (I was seriously addicted!) and actually save a decent amount of money — I bequeath to you, dear reader Tangible’s 7 tips for online thrifting, and my favourite online thrift stores. Enjoy!

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