Frocktober 2015: A Frilling Finish!

Five Thousand, two hundred and fourteen dollars and ten cents the amount of money I have raised for Ovarian Cancer Research over three years of fundraising through Frocktober.

On behalf of my Grandmother and I, thankyou for the love you have shown by donating; whether it was dresses, money or encouraging words…


The Sale 

Money-wise: the sale raised $810.30, and my total for this year was $1,556.50.

The most important effect this sale had was not in the money raised. The most biggest impact it had was on me; my confidence, my gratitude, my organisation, my ability to keep my cool and my motivation. I have benefited so deeply from my experience this year.

Frocktober 2015 came to be during a tumultuous period in my life – leaving one job, settling into a new one, enduring a break-up – you get the idea. Tumultuous in a good way, in the end.


I decided to put my money where my mouth was; in August I decided to take the leap and organise a frock sale, after taking a leap (as an impulse holiday) over to London for 2 weeks; a new job followed, a Birthday followed, a break up followed.
That’s life.


All of these things spurned me on, I wasn’t deterred for one minute.

Whether it’s fundraising, love, life, work or anything – if you truly want something more than you can explain it, then you do it. You just do. Absolutely Frilling Frocktober was an incredible personal journey. I remember talking about my anxiety in one of my first entries, about feelings of trepidation leading up to the sale; I don’t empathise with that girl any more.

The next after the Frock Sale, I threw a huge Halloween party clean off the adrenalin of Absolutely Frilling. Last weekend I attended a Charity Ball.
This weekend I intend on doing nothing(!)

Now, I have a few Thankyous:

To my family – especially my Mother, Father and Brother. Thankyou for supporting my mad ventures, and listening to me talk about frocks for 3 months.

My friends, Donors, and well-wishers – your generosity and encouragement meant the world to me. Thankyou for your support on this journey, I am new.



My event volunteers:  Mary-Ann and Andrew Burchfield, Rebecca, Greta and Grace Neilson (and her friend Lindsay!), Ann Carmody and Anne-Marie Tully.

My business collaborators and bloggers and supporters: Emma from @theillusivefemme, Vicki from @thefashionablemum, Raychel from @agentmysterycase, Hannah from @inthedressupbox, Gemma from ‘Frock This’ in Fremantle, Sandy Lai from ‘Hello Parry’, Aimee from @hellomrbadger, Roslyn from Envy Jewelry, Elise of @stellamuse, Petra Vanessie and Meaghan of @whiterabbitia.
Special mention – Frisk Small Bar for letting me kick off my selling at their Sip ‘n’ Swap event.

Special thanks to: John from Westcity Church, Michelle Karas of Michelle Karas Photography, Lyn Shepard and the Newman College Community. My sincere thanks to the Frocktober team over east for appointing me as a Blogging Ambassador, and starting this cause.

My Dress Donors (yes, I kept a list!): Samantha White, Sami Wheeler, Hanna Winkless, Liana Varrone, Anne-marie Tully, Jade Fusco, Ashley Davis, Kershia Andreson, Li and Bruna Angi, Paige Savill, Stacie Woodward, May Khoo, Sam Czerniak, Liana and Denise Barrett, Ginger Rogered, Tia Pierce, Sandy Lai, Laura Callaghan, Emma from @theillusivefemme, Vicki from @thefashionablemum, Raychel from @agentmysterycase, Hannah from @inthedressupbox, Ariane Kyras, Kim Selby, Petra Vanessie, Beth Caniglia, Mary-Ann Burchfield, Jess Banaszak, Judy and Celeste Russo, Hannah Bodycoat, Elizabeth Bodycoat, Gail Connell, Kelly Totaro and Gemma Mackenzie….plus myself? hehe

My darling Grandmother Margaret – you won’t see this, but I am so happy I did this for you. I am so grateful for you, your presence in my life and your journey. I am a better person for having you and loving you. You know this is all for you, and it was never about me; really. You survived, I just put on the pretty dresses to celebrate your survival. I want people to know how amazing you are, and how terrible Ovarian Cancer is. You and this cause mean so much to me.
I love you.

As for the frocks…..

I am donating my clothing racks to Clothes Market Perth in support of Syrian Refugees.

The remaining frocks are being donated to Vinnies, Good Sammys and the Women’s Refuge.

My final thoughts

I could do another Frock sale… in a few years maybe(!) I am so grateful, amazed and happy I did this, I didn’t wimp out.  I am so proud of me.
I loved it, all of it. Everyone should bite the bullet and do something outrageous – but some won’t. Opening myself up and doing through choice, not ‘duty’ or for money was so enlightening – it changes everything when you do something because you want to do it. It softened me, and has enabled me to face challenges with greater ease in all other aspects of my life.

Like I said before – the climate is warm and friendly outside of your comfort zone, and darling, it’s lovely in the sun!

Vale, Frocktober;

A x

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