The Double Diss: Canberra goes ‘Mean Girls’

Image Credit: None that I readily admit to. Not my image,yet  my best and worst hack photoshop job, ever.

I can always use an excuse for a Mean Girls (2004) reference and tonight seemed as good of a time as any.

There’s chit chat around the Hill (Canberra) that Malcolm might call an early (pre-September) Election because the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) Bill was defeated for a second time. If a Bill is blocked by the other House three times, then it cannot be re-introduced, so this places the Prime Minister in a tricky spot – try again? or advise the Governor General (GG) to dissolve Parliament and call an early election?

Now for the Mean Girls references:

  1. Sir Peter Cosgrove is Regina George.
    Ha. Regina, Governor General, Queen of the Plastics, Queen’s representative….(no-one else finds that excessively nerdy parallel funny?! It’s been awhile since I’ve written..)
  2. Malcolm Turnbull is Cady Herron – the unlikely (but likely) 2IC to Regina. Tactful and distinct – but not free of imperfection – certainly well-known, but is this enough for them to be truly effective?
  3. Bill Shorten is Gretchen Weiner – because I don’t believe he can turn this situation into a positive for himself and his party. All Prime Ministers and Premiers face rejection, and Bill faces an uphill battle this election; another hostile Senate, a disenchanted voters, and developing long term policies. All of which Malcolm faces a well.. but he’s already in Government – ..and none for Gretchen Weiner(!) 
  4. Sen. Stephen Conroy is Karen Smith  – for heckling and attacking the GG. Gretchen Weiner was dismissive of Karen, branding his remarks “intemperate and unncessary.”

There’s a bit more than an 11% chance he’s an idiot..

  1. Meanwhile, Sen. Jacqui Lambie and Sen. Ricky Muir are somehow still elected representatives. Looking at them like..


So we could have an Election as soon as Saturday July 2nd, if Cady Malcolm calls it after the Budget in May. Another option Malcom could explore is a Joint Sitting, which the Media has so far negated to mention, but is a pretty standard avenue of resolution before ‘Dissolution’ is brought up..

Double Dissolutions are not fetch.
Stop trying to make a Double Dissolution happen!

A Joint Sitting would mean both houses meet at once in the same chamber, to form what is called a Committee of the Whole (House) to sit down simultaneously to try and work out any issues with a Bill – but Malcolm would have to put the ABCC Bill before the Parliament again, which is a risk – but one he could be likely to take.

Meanwhile Bronwyn Bishop be like……

I love #Auspol ❤

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing (a little too much[!])

A x



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