Frocktober 2015 & Mental Health week: What Frocktober has taught me

After nearly a week (October 6th) I’d had a grand total of $00.00 donated to my Frocktober fund.

It bothers me less than it did last year. I thought I had failed last year, when I didn’t reach the same target as the previous year (~$2, 600).

It bothers me less because Frocktober has taught me valuable lessons about standards, fundraising, social media and innovation.

Allow me to explain…

Firstly – standards..
I, as in Frocktober, as in my life generally, set (painfully) high standards for myself. I stress and anxiety is an unwelcome friend of mine – you would think fundraising isn’t the best exercise for someone like me. Fundraising is something outside of everyone’s general comfort zone, and few individuals can do it well, regularly.
Which is totally okay.

I set my Frocktober targets high each year, I think I’ve aimed for $5,000 each year (same, this year) and modified it each year; I expect to modify my total at some point. There is no harm in setting your bar high. I would be THRILLED with $2,000.

My standards have relaxed considerably. I got to a point last year where I was quite down about not doing as well – but I realised that people had donated, and that in itself is still so wonderful.

Donations will come. I prefer to focus on that, not so much the ‘dream’ total. It’s the giving, not the goal!

Secondly – Fundraising
Fundraising is a tricky business; in the burgeoning age of digital marketing it is even harder.

I have noticed it has become more difficult to get donations from social media, but not impossible. Authenticity is so important – just be ‘you’ have fun and mix it up. Frocktober is perfect for that, and you can apply a sense of fun to nearly any cause…

Like I have this year with a bit of Innovation
I decided to venture into the world of events with my fundraising this year – a huge leap. I wanted to engage people off social media more, and it is working so far – but not spontaneously, I have been networking, emailing, messaging and talking my little heart out.


I made the mindmap, I made the call to get the venue, I use my time and energy to get dresses, coathangers and fixtures. This event has done wonders for my confidence. I wouldn’t have got here if I hadn’t had the experiences I had last year.

2015 is the year I really threw myself into my blogging and realised you don’t have to look far to find wonderful things. Perth creatives ROCK! Bloggers, business owners and manufacturers. I have gone well outside of my comfort zone and I have drawn people and good things towards me; the climate is warm and friendly outside of my comfort zone.

I feel like a person observing my own life, organising this event. It will be SO exciting to have it come together.

My anxiety asks me constantly “who is this girl?! who is this mad and sparkly frock-wearing femme who manifested herself a new job, took off to London and back again, who worked in a House of Parliament?! Who is this girl who networks now — at half a dozen Perth Fashion Festival events – she didn’t before?! Where’s this business card come from? what’s this?”

…. don’t forget she’s also organising a frock sale by herself, while settling into a new job and feeling generally like a new person.

And it’s not even the end of the year yet. Feels like the beginning of great things to be honest.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing!

A x

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