And Everything Inbetween: My first fitness Bootcamp

Not every day you find someone who really gets your heart started.
I had the pleasure of discovering yet another excellent Perth creative, Keely of KCfit. She is a #girlboss guaranteed to get your heart started!

Having discovered the warm and friendly climate outside of my comfort zone, I decided to challenge myself – attending my first fitness Bootcamp.

Loved every minute of it.

I had apprehensions, but whenever you learn something – the ‘teacher’ can have a hugely positive impact on your enjoyment.

12197539_10153220448891156_349947262_o (1)

Let’s just say that I’ll be back, front row at her next Bootcamp. I was so energized from my morning session Keely, I breezed through the rest of the day; attending another event in the afternoon, then finishing up my set up for my Halloween party that night!

Was I sore? Yes.
Was I happy? Yes.
I have more mental fortitude than I thought, I was proud to complete the routine 🙂

Along with about 50 other women, I rolled out my towel/mat and got sweaty with a few JungleBody routines (meaty beats, killer moves – sign me up!) to start.

12204086_10153220448846156_1567975763_o (1)

What I really enjoyed about Keely’s workout was how vocal she was – lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement. She gave us higher and lower intensity options for the jumping jacks, tuck jumps, sit ups and squats in the routine she put together.

Keely’s friends, family, Partner and kids were there to support her as she starts this exciting new chapter of her career. Her daughter even joined in, and she kept her focus  – which showed how strong her passion is. Nothing stopped her, and she keeps her loved ones around her; very touching to watch.

Keely in her own words:
“KC Fit is more than fitness, I believe its about having a learning to love the skin you are in , by developing your self-confidence and a positive mindset..”
“.. I am inspired by what females can acheive when they put their mind to it! Every single client of mine inspires me, they inspire me to be a better version of myself; they inspire me to learn more and to give as much as I possibly can in order to help them achieve their goals with them.”
After our sweat session, all attendees were spoiled with a goodie bag and some healthy treats, on the backdrop of our stunning river – Thankyou to Love is Party (@loveisparty – for the stunning set up and Tee-pee), Green Smoothie Co. (@green smoothieco), Wonderland Catering Creations (@wonderlandcateringcreations), Inner Ego (@inner_ego – the best cold press juice I’ve had), Amazeballs Perth (@amazeballsperth), the Matcha Tea Co. guys (@matchteacoau), S.O.S Designs (@s.o.s_designs).

I look forward to meeting more of your #girlbosses, Perth!
anna 2
Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed working up a sweat with Keely!
A x

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