Nearly Ovar(y) it? Four fabulous frocking years

I almost didn’t do Frocktober in 2016; it was only because Emma and I traded comments on an Instagram post (in mid-July), asking me if I was doing Frocktober, I seriously considered it..


I am honestly so grateful for the motivation from Emma. I was then approached by the OCRF to engage with Frocktober again in 2016, so evidently the Universe had it on my ‘to-do’ list!


it’s (not) about you

Truth is, fundraising (speaking broadly) is not just something you ‘do’; it is very much a mental and physical process.
You do need some (mental) support from people like your friends and family to do so, as I have fortunately done in the last (now) 4 years. Regardless of #girlgangs, where I have worked, my old Highschool – I have been supported in my Frocktober ventures; with an absolutely full heart, I do not take this for granted.


The Paradox

To fundraise as an individual:

  • It is your decision
  • It is purely self-motivated (as in, you motivate yourself to do so)


  • It is not about you, everything is about the cause you are fundraising for
  • You tread the fine line of self-promotion/promoting awareness
  • You don’t always get patted on the back

Fundraising for Frocktober prises at  the weathered exterior of my introversion – it takes a bold confidence to stand up (in a fashionable frock, of course) and make your vision of fundraising happen. I can do this because it is not about me, really; it’s about women’s health and character building.

Frocktober is the attrition of the area between my comfort zone and my potential

I have written each year about how I have learned to manage expectations and goals through Frocktober – and even though I am (something of) a ‘Veteran’ now, 2016 is going to be no different.


Why do it?

For Love

Of a cause, of yourself, of family

My Grandmother and I are symbols of the greater whole of women’s health promotion. I love my fashion, but I am not a ‘clothes-horse’ – I am one of the faces of and a voice of Frocktober, my Grandmother is the survivor. I don’t control how people view or react to me, but I can be the voice they react to when I talk about Frocktober and Women’s Gynaecological Health.

I am still slightly uncomfortable making phone calls to people I have never met, and I feel silly for feeling surprised at the widespread positive reception I have had each year. Perth people and business owners react so wonderfully to the authenticity I didn’t fully realise I had. And this year, it  happily becomes “we” with Em and Malinda!

Have a ‘Love Project’

Immerse yourself in something;

Fragility is okay – you don’t have to be a raging extrovert to be passionate about something. It takes guts to challenge yourself, and no two experiences are the same. Now that we are in the swing of Frocktober, I am able to remember and embody the joy it brings me; what a privilege to work with and support Em, Malinda, Raych, Jonté and Katey.

Not everything about Cancer is doom and gloom

Through fundraising, I have discovered joys are rarely delivered – they are found;
might as well be well-dressed for the journey!

Frock on!



Photo by @natventuring Photography
Frock from @Mercado32 Clothing Exchange

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To become a 2016 Frockette/Frocker Fundraiser, sign up here

To donate or find out more about Frocktober, or see Megan Hess’ beautiful campaign art – go here!

If you have unwanted, unworn, unloved frocks, I will collecting them throughout the month of October, to donate on!

Cover Image artwork an original creation, by me – not to be used without permission.

Fabulous Femmes: Amy Springer

I have a soft spot for friends, and for lovely frocks. When the two combine for another fabulous social cause, I had to share the good work of my friend Amy in her fundraising efforts for Dressember.
Dressember uses fashion to advocate for women who’ve been exploited for their femininity. As women take on the creative challenge of wearing a dress for the 31 days of December, they are advocating for the inherent dignity of all women.
Something we can all get behind!
Meet my good (fabulously frocked) friend Amy Springer..

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Frocktober 2015: Dress Memory

This week, I hung up all the donated frocks I have recieved.
I’d had a stressful day at work and was feeling a tad overwhelmed; so I needed a orderly task to calm my brain.

Seeing all the frocks, I am amazed. How lucky have I been to get so many wonderful dresses from so many wonderful women?!

A spiritual moment….?

As I unpacked each frock, I recognised some of them – friends’ dresses from moments in time that I’d shared with themand started getting sentimental.

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Frocktober 2015 & Mental Health week: What Frocktober has taught me

After nearly a week (October 6th) I’d had a grand total of $00.00 donated to my Frocktober fund.

It bothers me less than it did last year. I thought I had failed last year, when I didn’t reach the same target as the previous year (~$2, 600).

It bothers me less because Frocktober has taught me valuable lessons about standards, fundraising, social media and innovation.

Allow me to explain…

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Frocktober 2014: What I learned from Frocktober 2013

Last year, I raised just over $2,700 for the OCRF. This year I was full of vigour that I would get to $3,000 easily. At the end of day 1 last year I had over $300, it’s day 2 – around lunchtime and I haven’t yet achieved $100.

For those not familiar with Frocktober, you wear a dress a day and collect donations to raise money for an Ovarian Cancer early detection test – like a Pap smear is for HPV and Cervical Cancer.

What am I learning from this?

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