Progress Report: Frocktober 2015

Frocktober 2015 is a go!

  1. Frock donations have started to happen – 10 frocks from two ladies, with at least half a dozen ladies planning to give me dresses.
  2. Fundraising is a go! Thanks to the lovely team at Frisk. Small Bar in Northbridge, I was able to get involved in their ‘Sip ‘n’ Swap event on Saturday August 16th. I sold a few things an raised $65 🙂 Lift off!
  3. The flyer, the artwork, the venue, the details – last week I designed a flyer, some artwork and finalised a venue. I am really proud of me for getting this done, I can be tentative when it comes to waiting for people to get back to me, but I made the phone call and got it done.SocialMedia_flyerDownload a PDF of the flyer HERE
  4. Media coverage is getting organised, starting with local papers.  On September 2nd, I plan to be over-my-head deep in emails, contacting some fabulous Perth Bloggers, local store owners/ sellers and local businesses to also get involved.
  5. My Business Card finally arrived! Hoorah! My first one – feels right that I designed it myself. My lovely logos are a credit to a lovely lady called Evelyn 🙂
  6. I told my Nan and my parents about #AbsolutelyFrilling. They’re proud. Makes it all worthwhile.
  7. I have dresses coming from Sydney (thankyou Ginger!!!) and from all over Perth now. I am so excited!!

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing,

If you’re reading this and you know (or are) a lovely femme with an excess dress or two,


if they own a groovy frock or sweet treats small business and would like to get involved, I’d love  to meet them – please get in contact with through any one of my social mediums or on

Until the next exciting update,

A x

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