MH17: How to explain?


How to explain?
How to start.


Approximate translation: “In case it goes down, this is what it looks like”

WHAT: A commercial airline flight from The Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur went down when flying over Ukrainian airspace.

WHO: Flight MH17 was very likely (I say “very likely” because science and investigation have not produced a 100% definitive answer, one completely beyond a reasonable doubt) shot out of the sky by Pro-Russian (Ukrainian) rebels.

WHY: Mistakenly. Misplaced malice, but with malice none the less. Let me explain.

The rebels mistook MH17 for another plane. An AN-26 transport plane. A military plane; two military planes were shot down over Ukrainian airspace very recently.


Pictured: AN-26 transport plane

Read more about this atrocity and how MH17 was a mistaken target:


1. The UNSC will begin the process of deliberating and attempting to implement sanctions (trade, diplomatic, political) against Russia/ Ukraine. But these will fail as Russia has the power of veto (as a member of the UNSC themselves).

2. An international recovery effort will start to take place in Ukraine. The rebels have apparently moved 196 bodies to an undisclosed location, away from the wreckage. These bodies, once recovered by their home country, will be flown home.

3. Investigations will start. One will look into the cause of MH17’s crash, another will review the safety of flying over Ukrainian airspace for commercial air traffic, another will look into how and who these rebels got their weapons from, and inevitably the last one will be one which decides the fate of Malaysian Airlines.

4. Funerals will be held.

5. A long shadow falls over Ukraine and Russia, and the domestic political issue which has mistakenly cost the lives of 300 people. As the international community weeps and condemns, a Third World War will be avoided.

I did not enjoy writing this, but I believe strongly that the right information will start a long healing process.

Attached below is some food for thought from my personal Facebook 🙂






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