All you have to know about the WA Senate Byelection

So. This was probably your face when we were told we had to vote again…



…..Senate Byelections are exciting things.

But seriously. They are!


We get to vote [freely] again.

We get to decide who gets a job. 77 People accountable to a few hundred thousand. We get to decide who is worthy of being a Senator to represent us. Remember that, voter. That is what it is all about.

“Does it matter who I vote for, PIK?!”



Pictured: Voting below the line

If you vote below the line, you are allocating your votes to individuals; it matters what order you put your candidates in. All the way from 1 through to 77. Because the vote will get redistributed up to 76 times before someone gets the right quota to achieve a Senate seat.
There is no unimportant brick in a wall.

abovethelinePictured: Voting above the line

If you vote above the line, you are allocating your vote to a Political Party. By putting a ‘1’ in a box, you accept the preferences of the party [with regard to their candidates]. Their preference is easy to see, the top candidate under the line is their first choice, the next one down is the second and so on.

votingbelowthelinePictured: Why you should vote below the line

What does this picture mean? It’s kind of an anti-above the line piece of propaganda. Sometimes by voting above the line, without doing your research, you don’t know what ‘characters’ you’re giving your vote [preferences] to. Some parties would prefer you just know their name rather than their intricate policies.

When that Party doesn’t get the quota to win a seat, they choose to distribute the votes for them to another party.

Please, PLEASE don’t scoff at voting. Every vote counts. Senator Scott Ludlam lost his seat to a Palmer United candidate by 14 votes. FOURTEEN. 1-4.


When you take the time to vote below the line, you can decide on a intricate level EXACTLY where your vote goes. From 1 all the way down to 77.

It is worth the effort.


Long story short…


THIS LINK >>> <<<

^^^^^^^^^^^RIGHT THERE ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Is the one you want, so you can vote below the line.
It will tell you how all political parties will redistribute your vote if you vote above the line.

Your excuse for an uninformed vote has gone out the window.

Or the link is good for fun facts, just so you know which way each party leans in terms of left, centre or right.

Right wing = Conservative
Left Wing = More liberal**, socially conscious

**Not Tony Abbott Liberal – I mean ‘progressive

Please take the time to vote below the line, do your research.
So what if our Senate Ballot papers could cover a windscreen, shade a family of 4 or make a Concorde paper plane out of.
We’re West Australians. No half measures!

SENATEpaperlengthPictured: Ballot papers and Voting booth.

Happy Voting, WA!
I hope we get a good half dozen in to bat for us in Parliament.

My hope is that this article helps people understand the power of their vote.

Hope you enjoy reading [and voting] as much as I enjoy writing [and voting],

As always,


Pictured: A Senate Ballot Paper. And not me.

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