The final countdown to Frocktober begins!

Even before it has started, Frocktober is going to be glorious madness.

The arrival of Frocktober is imminent – on Thursday I will be in full Ambassdor / Event mode.

I am a Frocktober Blogging Ambassador. I am so excited to keep you all updated on my fundraising journey. 2015 has been nothing short of incredible so far, I am anticipating October to be a jewel in that crown.

I started a new full-time job in September which has been amazing. I feel content that I have found the right niche for my intelligence and creativity for the stage of life I’m at. Nothing but gratitude for the career journey that has brought me to where I am right now. I have earned it.

I am organising an event. (Oh my GOD) I am super excited, above all other feelings.
Perth ladies, ASSEMBLE!


I moved into a new room, recently. A new space, at last!!

It’s my BIRTHDAY on October 7th – which frock will be the Birthday frock this year? – that is the question!!

Less than 72 hours until this Frock-et ship launches.

Get all the latest updates for Absolutely Frilling Frocktober on the Facebook event page:

Read my Frockette profile HERE

Want to donate?

Got a frock or six you’d like to donate?

A x

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