Gen Y: The Lost Generation

Generation Y just lost our Ministry.  No more minister for Youth.
My blood, it boils.
Take a look at this before you read any further:
Tony Abbott announced his new ‘Kitchen’ Cabinet today…

1/19 Ministers is female; kind of proud it’s my local member, Julie Bishop. I’ve worked at her electoral offices for a University Practium and she is a good local member for Curtin.
That doesn’t so much bother me, people should get jobs based on merit. Political parties aren’t exactly Female-central.

Abbott’s Shadow Cabinet was too large for all members to become Ministers, cuts had to be made. I understand this.

Before you start burning bras, he has appointed Bronwyn Bishop as Speaker of the HoR and Michaelia Cash as “Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Women’s Issues”. He has kind of ‘created’ the position of assistant Minister to keep some of his stalwarts in the fold.

We need to talk, Tony…about  the Ministries you’ve cut.

Youth, Mental Health, Aged Care, Science, Early Childhood, Energy, Disability, Climate, Status of Women and Aged Care.

I would love someone to explain to me if these have been integrated somehow, but for the moment, the way I see it is that these Ministries no longer exist.
We had to expect something like this, but we didn’t expect this; if that makes sense. The Libs like to cut budgets. I think everyone is appreciating the ALP now. The penny has dropped for Australians about what a Liberal Government actually means. It’s really odd, as a nation we seem to have the collective memory of a goldfish. Less than 10 years ago, we had a Liberal Government for 10+ years. Time flies when the ALP were in power.

I’ll just hop straight to my gripe….

Dear Tony,

You want economic sustainability. How do you expect that in future when you won’t even maintain a Ministry for the young people who will be our Politicians and the cogs in our economy in 5, 10 years time. How do you expect us to be interested in what your Government does? Do you wonder why we aren’t engaged?
You are turning young people away. Your job cuts will make the job market tighter than it has ever been, and a lowered contribution, if at all, to Mental Health will have some serious flow on effects. People will die. And yes that is very dramatic, but Mental Health is an issue close to my heart, I know a lot of fragile people.

Please justify this to me in a way that doesn’t make you sound heartless. I hope, PRAY this is only temporary.

We don’t want to be a lost Generation, Engage us!


Gen Y


I’ll keep this short and sweet, Australia.

Get angry. Join NGOs,  join unions, join the groups that deal with the issues that matter to your heart and soul. Get out there and kick and scream. Make your voice heard.
Australians usually don’t take anger outside of the pub, but I want to see people vocal.
Sure we don’t have the benefit of a revolutionary history, we’re not France, Russia, England or China [etc] – but it is never too late to kick ass.

Get Loud, Gen Y.

Would love everybody’s thoughts on this!!



2 thoughts on “Gen Y: The Lost Generation

  1. Ellen O'Connor says:

    I think it is time to get angry. Too many important issues getting lost, and the only new one being “Border Protection”. It’s a terrifying prospect that we’re not going to worry about the future of our country (as the ministries removed are almost entirely concerned with just that), and instead bring in a new focus on… well… what? Not letting people in?


    • politicsinkicks says:

      Things like the environment, sustainability for our industries and environment will need to be faced one way or another. Foreign affairs was given little to no attention, and the costings and policy were released so late they escaped criticism. Border protection has taken too much of the spotlight..!


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