Current Affairs Through Gandhi’s Goggles!

About time I went a little further afield than #auspol!
If you click the title, the relative news story should open.
So here’s my little current affairs whip around, using Gandhi’s “Seven Social Sins” quote, enjoy!

Politics without Principles:

Robert Mugabe fits this ‘sin’ very comfortably.

Today, in his first appearance since winning another 5 year term as President of Zimbabwe, he said his detractors “could go hang” and added that dogs wouldn’t even go near the corpses of these people. Charming, isn’t he?

33 years ago, he expelled most, if not the complete white (minority) population of Zimbabwe, and expelled the minority Government. He’s 89 years old.

His rival, Morgan Tsvangirai claims the recent election was rigged, and claims his own victory and has attacked Mugabe. Of the 6.4 million registered voters in Zimbabwe, there was an allegedly a duplication of roughly 850,000 names. While that’s suspicious, the African Union and South African Development Community (SADC) “have broadly endorsed the vote and called on all parties to accept it peacefully.”

Peace never has the same face in any two countries, what it means to be peaceful is not simply the absence of war, fear or a dictatorship. Perhaps, in this case, peace is verbal fighting, and not unnecessary killing? Peace isn’t quite what it seems sometimes….

Wealth without Work:

Wikileaks are working on a marketing strategy. They’re looking to net more support (read: money) to strengthen their Australian Senate bid. I am quite interested in the mandate of the Wikileaks party, what they stand for beyond say, issues such as communications? I hope the donations, or wealth go into some constructive political work, not simply being a proverbial thorn in the Australian Government’s side.

In your authors opinion, the best thing about Wikileaks lately is the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC’s Sherlock, Khan in the new Star Trek movie) is playing Julian Assange in ‘The Fifth Estate’ ! recently released.
He puts the ‘Ass’ in Assange.


Pleasure without Conscience:

A much heavier issue. Russia seems to be *the* issue of the week. The pleasure of civil and human rights has been denied by President Vladimir Putin, who consequentially appears to have no consequence.

The Family Values Bill as passed 436 to nil last week. Relations “not conducive to procreation” are now illegal, along with public mention or discussion of LGBT rights. The penalty for the latter is 5 years jail, without accounting for police brutality.

Russia is entitled to make such laws. They are a sovereign, independent state. There is no higher global authority to prevent them doing so. Other nations can condemn the laws, but unless someone decides to initiate aggression, nothing can be done. It’s a bit gut wrenching.

There has been talk of a boycott of the upcoming Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, but we might have to wait and see, I doubt it will happen. Any openly gay athlete shouldn’t be in danger (hopefully) come the Northern Winter.

Lady Gaga has taunted Putin over his oppressive laws

Stephen Fry wrote an eloquent, poignant open letter to the IOC and David Cameron

And some openly gay athletes are against an Olympic boycott

Gossip Mogul Perez Hilton even called for all gay bars in the US to boycott Russian vodka! Who said bombs were the only way to hurt countries?!

POW. Right in the kisser!

Knowledge without Character:

20 y.o. Caleb Clemmons certainly learnt that you say on social media, will stick to you.

He posted this on his Tumblr earlier this year:

“hello. my name is irenigg and I plan on shooting up georgia southern. pass this around to see the affect it has. to see if i get arrested.”

He was arrested 3 hours later, and is facing 5 years in jail.

Knowledge certainly builds character, and to avoid situations such as these.

Commerce without Morality

Bertie Madoff fits this ‘sin’ to a T.

His ‘Ponzi’ scheme defrauded investors of $20 billion and he is serving 150 years in jail.

5 defendants are firing more indictments at Madoff, all claiming romantic involvement and are probably seeking compensation. Looks like a lot of dignity was lost along with a lot of money.

Science without Humanity:

Tian Tian the Panda is (very likely to be) pregnant! Woohoo!

Apparently Pandas don’t procreate easily, so Tian Tian had to be artificially inseminated.

Science without panda-manity contact? Haha

Worship without Sacrifice:

This one is loosely related.

Islamic militants have killed 44 people who were praying in a Mosque in Nigeria.

The group Boko Haram and insurgent groups are a highly disruptive presence in the country of 160 million. The Government have declared a state of emergency.

The freedom to worship your own faith is so precious.

Hope you enjoyed my little Gandhian ‘whip around’ as much as I enjoyed writing!


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