One stop shop? or Top-shop? : Thrift shopping and our Social Consciousness

 I love a good pair of kicks. I love a shopping trip.

Forgive my fashionable wiles, dear readers, for this will not be a deeply political post, but it will be an interesting one [!]

I was walking out of an Op-Shop a couple of weeks ago, with a pair of shoes, a necklace and two copies of their In-House publication [a ‘pricey’ 70 cents each] and I thought to myself:

Are op-shops making people more socially conscious?

Are people actually connected with their purchases — their materialism is supporting those less fortunate, but is this making people more socially conscious?

Good Works Logo

In my own mind, initially, I begged to differ. I disagreed with my own thought[!]
I’m an  avid op-shopper, but I viewed my purchases as ‘shopping’, not so much in the sense of a ‘charity donation’.
Some peruse pages of books, websites, some peruse coffee shops and bars. I peruse coat hangers, I rummage, I try, I buy — as my form of relaxation. Among my friends, I have a solid reputation as a glamorous bargain hunter.

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Review Time: The Night Guardian

I’ve been at the Perth Fringe Festival a few nights in the last week, and I thought I would do a little review of a politically themed show I watched. Because politics isn’t always in the newspapers!


What: The Night Guardian
Who: Ellandar Productions
When: Friday 7th of February
Where: The Blue Room, PICA building, Perth Cultural Centre

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How a Pillow Changed My (Grinchy) Attitude Towards Christmas!!

It’s past midnight in +8 GMT, and it’s quiet all through my house.
Not a creature is stirring (apart from your well-shod author), not even a mouse.
Not even a louse on a mouse.

I was an all-out grinch this year. Much to my mother’s disappointment.
Boney M Christmas Carols, crowded shops and too much stress over one meal.

I worked in retail for 6 years and tomorrow is my first non-retail Boxing Day in as many years. I said to my mother that retail ruined Christmas for me, that the way people become so ‘feral’ in shops took away my enjoyment of the day itself. Christmas became the day off between working 8am-8pm Christmas Eve and working 10am-5pm on Boxing Day. Merry Stress-mas. Ha.

I don’t hate Christmas, I’m just trying to find a new joy in it as I get older, something that draws me back into the excitement of it.

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