And Everything Inbetween: Has Social Media Influenced Healthy Eating?

I had a thought over my avocado and tomato omelette last Saturday morning.

Would I have bothered to cook this for myself if it wasn’t for social media?

While the actual truth is I didn’t have milk or bread – I cannot honestly say if I would have learned to cook an omelette/eggs if it wasn’t for social media.

Which leads me to my next question, has social media influenced our cooking and eating habits?


Has social media influenced MY cooking and eating habits?

Yes and I am happy for it.

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How a Pillow Changed My (Grinchy) Attitude Towards Christmas!!

It’s past midnight in +8 GMT, and it’s quiet all through my house.
Not a creature is stirring (apart from your well-shod author), not even a mouse.
Not even a louse on a mouse.

I was an all-out grinch this year. Much to my mother’s disappointment.
Boney M Christmas Carols, crowded shops and too much stress over one meal.

I worked in retail for 6 years and tomorrow is my first non-retail Boxing Day in as many years. I said to my mother that retail ruined Christmas for me, that the way people become so ‘feral’ in shops took away my enjoyment of the day itself. Christmas became the day off between working 8am-8pm Christmas Eve and working 10am-5pm on Boxing Day. Merry Stress-mas. Ha.

I don’t hate Christmas, I’m just trying to find a new joy in it as I get older, something that draws me back into the excitement of it.

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