My thoughts on Obama’s speech at Mandela’s Memorial

Barack Obama’s speech at Nelson Mandela’s Memorial service:

….watching it, I got the sense that it was more than just one for the ages. I liked it.

It had all the oratory hallmarks of Obama gold — tactical and extended pausing, eye contact, vocal crescendo peppered with the odd hand gestures. I had forgotten how piercing his eyes were, he seemed almost emotional at times — drawing long breaths as if to contain emotion at one or two points. He seemed quite moved.

These are my highlights and lowlights from his speech:

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Russian to new Conclusions – tAtU and Pussy Riot

I was listening to my iPod last night and I came across an artist from the 1990s or very early 2000s.

t. A. T. u

Remember they were all shocking because they were ‘lesbian’ and all public about it in their film clip?

To refresh your memory:

They must have been exceptional and controversial, Russian artists don’t often appear in ‘Western’ charts.

Why were they special?
Because they were, or at least pretending to be, lesbians in Russia.

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